37 7: Effectively Negotiating and Resolving Conflict Related to Issues of Diversity

Learning Objectives

After this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the importance of celebrating diversity
  • Discuss why cultural differences may lead to conflict between families and programs
  • Explain how to develop relationships with families that are inclusive and supportive
  • Outline how to create practices and policies that respond to differences respectfully
  • Describe three steps to deal with cultural differences in early childhood education programs

Working in an early education setting, with children, family and coworkers from varying backgrounds, conflict is inevitable. However, if managed correctly, conflict can be a learning and growing experience for all.

7.1: Differences and Conflict

7.2: Preventing Conflict

7.3: Navigating Cultural Differences

7.4: Dealing with Differences

7.5: Summary


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