21 5: Developmentally, Culturally, and Linguistically Appropriate Classroom Environments, Materials, and Approaches

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Describe strategies to create culturally responsive early childhood education environments.
  • Evaluate the diversity of children’s books.
  • Identify how the importance of play relates to developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Compare and contrast different methods for teaching children about different cultures.
  • Outline practices for effectively working with culturally and linguistically diverse families.
  • Discuss perspectives on celebration of holidays in early childhood education programs.

5.1: Introduction5.2: Developmentally Appropriate Practices

5.3: Curriculum in Multicultural Classrooms

5.4: Approaches to the Environment and Culturally Responsiveness

5.5: The Role of Diversity in Early Childhood Programs across the Globe

5.6: Suggestions for Your Program and Classrooms

5.7: Summary


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