64 Assignment: Argument Outline

Dr. Karen Palmer

For this assignment, you are going to create an outline for your argument paper. Your outline should be based on the research you compiled, as well as your knowledge of the components of an argument and a proposal.

Thesis/Outline Template

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook
    2. Introduce the organization
    3. State your thesis–remember, your thesis must make an argument about your organization and the problem it solves.
  2. Background information
    1. History of organization–how and why it started
    2. Problem–what problem does the organization solve? Use facts, statistics, and stories to prove there is a problem.
  3. Argument
    1. How is the organization solving the problem? Use facts, statistics, and stories to show how the organization you chose is solving the problem.
    2. Tell readers how to support your organization and why they should do so
  4. Counterarguing– either address common concerns with your organization or with the problem OR acknowledge other organizations doing similar work and explain why you think yours is doing the best job
  5. Conclusion

Sample Outline:

Argument Sample Outline Community Garden


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