61 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Dr. Karen Palmer

For this assignment, you will be going on a hunt for more information about your non profit and the problem it solves. Your job is to learn something new about your organization–you are NOT simply trying to find sources that support your point of view. Find at least five sources about your topic. Your sources should include the following:

  1. an article from the YC Library database,
  2. a website,
  3. a blog or an interview,
  4. an article from a magazine or newspaper (can be located online),
  5. and a video.

Note that a website can only be used ONE TIME! In other words, you cannot use the same website to meet the requirements for a blog, a website, and a video.

A good strategy for research is to try to find sources that help you flesh out each of the parts of your paper. Look for information on the problem, the non-profit, and the solution. For instance, if I had chosen the Marine Conservation Alliance as my non-profit, my sources might include the following:

1. The MCA official Website: http://marineconservationalliance.org/

2. This Ted Talk video by Dan Barber discussing the problem and how a business is solving the problem: https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_barber_how_i_fell_in_love_with_a_fish?language=en 

3. This online article explaining the issue and discussing some other non-profits working to solve it: https://foodtank.com/news/2017/10/sustainable-fisheries-list/

4. This interview: https://www.worldfishing.net/news101/Comment/interviews/heralding-a-new-era-of-transparency-and-engagement 

5. And an article from the YC library databases on Fish Farming.

Here’s a template you can use for your Bibliography:




Here’s a sample Annotated Bibliography based on the Fish Farm example above:




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