28 Feature Examples

Nicole Kraft

There are many examples of outstanding writing sprinkled throughout this book, but here are additional articles not to be missed.

“An Unbelievable Story of Rape” by Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller, The Marshall Project and Pro Publica

“Animals: The Horrific True Story of the Zanesville Zoo Massacre” by Chris Jones, Esquire

“Death of an Innocent: How Christopher McCandless lost his way in the wilds” by Jon Krakauer, Outside Magazine

“Derek Boogaard: A Boy Learns to Brawl” by John Branch, New York Times

“Fatal Distraction: Forgetting a Child in the Backseat of a Car Is a Horrifying Mistake. Is It a Crime?” by Gene Weingarten, Washington Post

“Friday Night Lights” by Buzz Bissinger, Sports Illustrated

“Frozen Alive: The Cold Hard Facts of Freezing to Death” by Peter Stark, Outside Online

“I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave” by Mac McClelland, Mother Jones

In Deaths at Rail Crossings, Missing Evidence and Silence” by Walt Bogdanich, New York Times

“Like Something the Lord Made” by Katie McCabe, The Washingtonian

“Rapture of the Deep” by Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated

“Shattered Glass” by Buzz Bissinger, Vanity Fair

“Snow fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” by John Branch, New York Times

“The Falling Man” by Tom Junod, Esquire

“The Girl in the Window” by Lane DeGregory, Tampa Bay Times

“The Stalking of Kristin” by George Lardner, Jr., Washington Post

“Where Alabama Inmates Fade Into Old Age” by Rick Bragg, New York Times


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